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Robot Raptors

You first need to make the Robot by using available objects. Simply drag and drop at the highlighted area to create your own robot and then you can use it.

“Robot Raptors” is an action-packed game where you control mechanical dinosaurs in a battle for dominance. The goal is to defeat enemy robots using your raptor’s unique abilities and powerful weapons. The game features various levels filled with intense combat scenarios and challenging opponents.

In “Robot Raptors,” you can customize your mechanical dinosaur with different upgrades and weapons, making it stronger and more formidable in battle. The game offers a variety of raptors to choose from, each with unique attributes and abilities. The graphics are vivid and detailed, bringing the futuristic dinosaur battles to life.

Kids enjoy “Robot Raptors” because it combines the excitement of dinosaur battles with the cool factor of robots. They love upgrading their raptors, fighting enemies, and progressing through challenging levels. It’s a fun way to enjoy action-packed gameplay and practice strategic thinking.