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Let it Rain

In the Let it Rain game, your job is to set the balloons to make the characters hit the cloud, so it can rain. When you make it happen, the level will clear.

“Let It Rain” is a charming puzzle game where you control the weather to help flowers grow. The goal is to use clouds to rain on flowers and make them bloom while solving various puzzles that require strategic thinking and planning. Each level presents different challenges that you need to overcome by manipulating the clouds and the environment.

In “Let It Rain,” you must position clouds and use wind to direct the rain to the flowers. The game features colorful graphics and a relaxing atmosphere, making it enjoyable and soothing to play. As you progress, the levels become more complex, requiring you to think creatively to solve the puzzles.

Kids enjoy “Let It Rain” because of its unique concept and engaging puzzles. They love the challenge of figuring out how to water the flowers and watching them grow. It’s a fun and educational way to practice problem-solving and logical thinking while enjoying a beautiful and relaxing game.