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About Five Minutes to Kill Yourself: Family Reunion

“Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2: Family Reunion” is a darkly humorous game and the sequel to the original “Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself).” The game features Stan, an office worker who is now trying to avoid a dreaded family reunion. Players guide Stan through various levels – The Park, The Pavilion, and The Beach – to find objects and interact with people that assist in his self-destructive mission. The game is notable for its unique gameplay mechanics, where some objects and characters are more obvious than others in their ability to assist Stan, and some only activate when the player is close to them.

In this sequel, players face attacks from characters throughout the levels. Some of these interactions require specific objects, two of which can be chosen at the start of the game, while others are found scattered throughout the levels. The game also features a map and a health indicator, represented as a “?” at the bottom of the screen, which doubles as a pause button.

The control scheme in “Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2: Family Reunion” differs from its predecessor. Instead of using keyboard arrow keys and the space bar to move and interact with objects, players now use the mouse button. Clicking and holding the left mouse button moves Stan to a specific area, and clicking on objects activates them.