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About the First Version of Five Minutes to Kill Yourself

“5 Minutes to Kill Yourself” is a darkly humorous game where the central theme revolves around self-harm in a satirical setting. The premise of the game is straightforward but unusual: the player controls a character who is trying to end their life within a five-minute time frame.

The setting of the game varies; for example, in one iteration, the scenario is set on the character’s wedding day, where the player must navigate the environment to find objects and methods to harm the character. In another version, titled “5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Reloaded,” the game takes place in an office setting. Here, the character is trying to avoid a pointless meeting, and the player must use objects in the office environment, like paper cutters, microwave ovens, and even interact with coworkers, to inflict harm upon themselves.

The gameplay involves a mix of exploration, interaction with the environment, and decision-making under the pressure of a ticking clock. The player must find and use various objects in the game’s setting to increase their character’s physical damage to 100% before the time runs out.

This series of games is known for its unique blend of dark humor and satire. It’s aimed at an audience that appreciates a more unconventional gaming experience, blending grim themes with a humorous approach. The game has been noted for its creative and comedic take on a sensitive subject, using satire to present a different perspective on everyday scenarios like a wedding or an office job【129†source】【137†source】【143†source】.