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Info about Zombie Society

“Zombie Society” is a series of interactive narrative games that are based around a world populated by zombies. The unique twist in these games is that zombies are the regular citizens, and they have their own society, job roles, and everyday problems. The series is known for its humor, quirky characters, and interesting storylines that turn the typical zombie trope on its head.

The gameplay in “Zombie Society” often revolves around solving mysteries, making choices, and interacting with various characters to progress the story. It plays out in a comic-strip style, presenting players with dialogue choices that can affect the outcome of the story. The point-and-click mechanism allows players to explore the environment, gather clues, and engage with other characters in a zombie-fied world.

The art style is cartoony and colorful, which contrasts with the usually grim depiction of zombies in media. This whimsical aesthetic, paired with the humorous dialogue and situations, provides a light-hearted take on a typically dark and horrifying genre. The characters are exaggerated and comical, each having distinct personalities that contribute to the humor and charm of the game.

The sound design typically follows the lighthearted theme with playful music and sound effects that complement the playful and comedic atmosphere of the game. “Zombie Society” is a fun take on the zombie genre, showcasing a creative narrative that allows players to explore a world where the undead live regular, mundane lives, which ironically, is filled with humor and charm. Through its interactive storytelling and quirky humor, the series offers an entertaining experience that’s different from the usual zombie-centric games.