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Learn about Wentworth

“Wentworth” is an engaging point-and-click adventure game that features a unique and whimsical storyline centered around a space cat named Wentworth. The game’s setting is in outer space, where Wentworth, the protagonist, is on a mission to plant new life on an unexplored planet. However, things take a turn for the unexpected when Wentworth uses too much magic fairy dust, leading to a series of intriguing events.

The gameplay involves interacting with various fantasy elements and characters, such as gnomes, trolls, and leprechauns, to assist Wentworth in his quest. The objective is to help restore balance to the forest, which has been disrupted by Wentworth’s actions. This involves solving puzzles and navigating through different challenges that require the player to think creatively and strategically.

“Wentworth” stands out due to its charming graphics and a storyline that blends science fiction with fairy tale elements. The character of Wentworth, a space cat, adds a layer of whimsy and humor to the game, making it appealing to players of all ages. The game is known for its engaging narrative, well-designed puzzles, and the unique blend of genres, offering a memorable gaming experience that is both entertaining and mentally stimulating.