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Wanna Oranges

Wanna Oranges is all about tricks. You need to break the stuff and make the orange reach Panda. If you can’t, you won’t reach the next level. You only need to use mouse clicks. There is no use of the¬†keyboard in this game.

Feeding a panda that doesn’t like bamboo but has a fondness for juicy oranges can pose a real challenge! Step in to help with this intriguing task by tackling puzzles across the game’s 25 levels. By deftly manipulating the different elements within the scenery, you’ll successfully navigate each level and deliver the oranges to the panda.

In the Wanna Oranges game, the objective is to cater to the panda’s craving for oranges while navigating the obstacles presented in each level. As you solve every puzzle, you inch closer to providing the panda with its beloved treat. Dive into this captivating gaming experience that not only entertains but also assists a panda in finding joy with every luscious orange it savors.