Unreal Flash 3 With Cheat Codes

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Unreal Flash 3

In the Unreal Flash 3 game, you can Fire holding the Left Click. Move with And D, Duck with S, and Jump with W key. Press a number between 0 to 9 to switch weapon or press Q for a quick switch.

Unreal Flash 3 Hacked With Cheat Codes

Go to home screen, click on Cheat option, and type the code mentioned below.

ENTERTHEMATRIX – Matrix Mode Activated (slow motion mode) IMFROMIRONMAN – play as Ironman

IMFROMIRONMAN – play as Ironman

WHOARETHEMASTERS – Secret Team Unlocked.WHEREAMI Secret – Secret Map Unlocked.

WHEREAMI Secret – Secret Map Unlocked.ILOVECRASHING – play as crash test dummy

ILOVECRASHING – play as crash test dummyITSAMEMARIO – play as Mario.

ITSAMEMARIO – play as Mario.