Tank Trouble 2

The game works on Computer only and Flash Player must be installed. Please allow 20 to 30 seconds to load the game. Some games make take a little longer to load.

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What is Tank Trouble Game is all about?

Tank Trouble is a fun flash game that requires you to have flash player installed on your computer. This game is available in 2 versions. The older version, Tank Trouble 1 and this one both are multiplayer game only. However, the newer version, Tank Trouble 3 let you play against the computer as well as friends. It can be played with up to 3 players.

How to Play Tank Trouble Games?

You can connect one additional keyboard to play with friends. If you are 3 friends, the third player can play using Mouse or Trackpad. The third Player needs to move the mouse to move the tank, and click to bomb. The first and second player will use arrow keys to move the tank, and Q(first player) to bomb, and the second player will press M to bomb. Every time you hit the opponent, you make 1 point. However, there are lots of grids within the game, and if the bomb hits you back, the opponent gets 1 point. So you need to be careful.