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About this 2nd Version of Puzzle Freaks

Puzzle Freaks 2 is a thrilling online game that challenges players to put their brains to the test by completing various puzzles. The competition of the brains is on again, and players must go around the playing board as quickly as possible by completing the puzzles.

In Puzzle Freaks 2, the faster a player completes a puzzle, the more IQ points they earn. The IQ points are also affected by the relative difficulty of the puzzle, meaning that players must choose their puzzles wisely to maximize their score.

The playing board in Puzzle Freaks 2 features four different types of puzzle squares, ranging from easy to very hard. There are also chance squares on the board, which can either help or hinder the player on their journey to the finish line.

With its variety of puzzles, game modes, and chance squares, the game offers a unique and engaging experience that tests players’ cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. So, how big is your brain? Can you become the ultimate puzzle freak?