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About the game

Here is another version of the Pokemon Fire Red game that is the Backwards Edition. Play with default control or customize and enjoy.

Pokemon FireRed Backwards Edition is another ROM hack of the original Pokemon FireRed game for the Game Boy Advance. The game was created by a hacker named Luuma and, as the name suggests, it features a unique twist on the classic Pokemon formula – the entire game is played backwards.

In Pokemon FireRed Backwards Edition, players begin the game as the Champion of the Pokemon League and must work their way back through the game to become a Pokemon Trainer. The game’s storyline is completely reversed, with gym leaders becoming trainers and vice versa. Players must battle and defeat gym leaders to earn badges, just as in the original game, but the gyms are located in different places and have different types of Pokemon.

Other changes in Pokemon FireRed Backwards Edition include new starters and wild Pokemon encounters, updated movesets for Pokemon, and a new difficulty level. The game is challenging from the beginning, with tougher opponents and fewer opportunities to level up Pokemon.

The unique concept of playing the game backwards adds an interesting twist to the classic Pokemon formula and provides a fresh experience for fans of the series. However, the game may be difficult for new players who are not familiar with the original FireRed game.

As with all ROM hacks, it is important to note that Pokemon FireRed Backwards Edition is not an officially licensed game and may not be legal to play on certain devices. The game is available for download online, but players should be cautious when downloading and playing ROM hacks, as they may contain viruses or other malicious content.