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Play Online They Took Our Candy

“They Took Our Candy” is an action-packed shooter game that combines elements of Halloween and sci-fi themes. Players must assemble a team of trick-or-treaters to fend off alien invaders who are intent on stealing all the Halloween candy. The gameplay is set during Halloween, adding a spooky atmosphere to the engaging and fast-paced combat scenarios​​.

The game’s mechanics are straightforward yet addictive; players use arrow keys to move around and the spacebar to deploy special abilities, which vary depending on the character chosen. Each character in the team can be customized with different powers and attributes, which strategically influence the gameplay as you decide the best team setup to combat the alien threats​.

One of the unique aspects of “They Took Our Candy” is its upgrade system, which allows players to enhance their characters’ abilities as they progress through the game. This system adds a layer of depth and strategy, encouraging players to plan their upgrades to match their play style. The challenge is to use these abilities effectively to reclaim the stolen candies and save Halloween from the extraterrestrial invaders​ (Kongregate)​​ (Arcade Cabin)​. For those looking to dive into this delightful mix of Halloween festivity and alien action.