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Nightmares: The Adventures – Episode 1

Nightmares: The Adventures – Broken Bone’s Complaint is a point-and-click flash game that was popular in the early 2000s. In this game, the player follows the story of a young boy named Victor who is trapped in a nightmarish world. The objective is to help Victor navigate through his nightmare and solve puzzles along the way to reach the end and wake up from his troubling dream.

Broken Bone’s Complaint is one of several episodes in the Nightmares: The Adventures series, each of which involves a different nightmare with its own set of challenges and puzzles.

To play the game, players must interact with various characters and objects by clicking on them, combining items, and solving riddles. The game is known for its dark, yet captivating, hand-drawn graphics and eerie background music, which contribute to the overall creepy atmosphere.