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GunBlood: Hacked With Cheats

Enter Cheat Codes and Click on Cheat

Type NOHIT  invincibility

Type MOREAMMO – infinite ammo

Type POINTER – Laser Point to Gun

Type FASTFIRE – Start firing faster

Go to any Levels (Cheat Code)

LEVEL1 …….  LEVEL9 (replace 1 with any number between 1 to 9) to go to any level.

BONUS1 …… BONUS4  (use a number between 1 to 4)

GunBlood Game is about how fast you can pull the trigger aiming your target. You can use Cheat Codes mentioned above and enjoy Gunblood Hacked. In the game, you need to select the character, and the game will start. Now you need to place the Mouse Pointer over the Chamber. As soon as the countdown of 3 ends, you need to click quickly pointing the gun towards the target. Keep clicking until the target dies.

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