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Make the frog jump using the mouse’s left click. You should also make it eat the bug to clear a level. Sometimes you need to put the obstacles aside before you can eat.

“Frogout” is an inventive puzzle-platformer game set in a post-apocalyptic world where mutant frogs have become the dominant species. Players control one of these frogs, using its long tongue not only to move around but also to solve puzzles and capture other creatures. The game’s levels are filled with environmental challenges and enemies that players must overcome by using the frog’s unique abilities.

The design of “Frogout” uses vibrant and colorful graphics to contrast the dark theme of a world overrun by pollution and mutation. The levels are creatively designed with various interactive elements, such as movable platforms, levers, and enemies, all of which can be manipulated with the frog’s tongue. This mechanic is central to the gameplay, providing a fresh and fun twist on traditional platformer and puzzle-solving elements.

“Frogout” stands out due to its unique combination of humor, inventive gameplay, and ecological commentary. The game subtly addresses issues of environmental degradation and adaptation through its narrative and setting, making it not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. Players are encouraged to think creatively to solve puzzles and navigate through the game’s quirky, mutated world, making “Frogout” a memorable and engaging experience for a wide range of players.