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About this XE Version of the Friday Night Funkin Game

Fans of Friday Night Funkin’ games online are in for a treat with the newest release, Friday Night Funkin Custom Week XE. This version elevates the excitement with brand-new characters, personalized songs, and the franchise’s signature fun-filled gameplay.

XE, an elegant blend of human and dog, is the latest character to join the roster. Despite her animalistic features like a tail, ears, and fur, she possesses a poised demeanor, always donning a high-quality red dress. Remarkably, she has the ability to generate electricity. Upon meeting Boyfriend, a musical clash ensues, spread over two custom tracks, “Shockwave” and “Clash.”

For newcomers, it’s vital to understand the goal of the FNF XE mod: finish the songs while keeping the progress bar green. This requires avoiding numerous errors throughout the performance. To master the musical notes’ timing, players should wait until the floating arrows coincide with those above Boyfriend’s head before hitting the matching arrow key. Deviating from this timing results in a miss. So prepare yourself, defeat XE, and anticipate other challenging rivals in this gaming category!