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Flugtag Racing 2

In the Flugtag Racing 2 game, use arrow keys to drive and X for Notro. Try to jump and go far as possible to score high and collect coins to upgrade.

Flugtag Racing 2 is a unique flash game that combines racing with flight simulation. In this game, players take control of a flying vehicle, accelerating down a ramp and launching into the air to fly as far as possible. The objective is to collect bonuses and use them to upgrade the vehicle, enhancing its performance and aesthetics​.

The gameplay involves gathering speed, collecting coins, and performing stunts to impress the judges. Players receive scores based on their flight performance and must achieve a certain score to advance to the next level. The game allows for vehicle customization, adding elements such as nitrous oxide for speed boosts, and various visual upgrades to improve the vehicle’s appearance and functionality​.

Flugtag Racing 2 is appreciated for its engaging and challenging gameplay. The combination of racing, flying, and vehicle customization offers a unique experience that keeps players entertained. The game’s colorful graphics and the thrill of performing daring stunts make it a standout title in the flash game genre​.