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Earn to Die 4 (2nd Part of 2012 version)

This version of Earn to Die game was released after the 3rd version (2012 version) release. So it is known as Earn to Die 4, and also as Part II version. Please note that All the other version is dead along with Flash. Ruffle is working on making flash works, but it may take a year or 2 until all the versions start working. So you can play this version in the mean time and have fun.

How to Play:

You get a truck at the start that is not very powerful. Just click on teh Go button (located on the top right corner), and then you can drive the Truck and earn money. Once you have earned enough money, you can then upgrade the truck. You have to upgrade first so that you can earn money faster. When you have enough money, you can buy a new vehicle as well. Hope you enjoy this Earn to Die unblocked game.