List of All Free Educational and Math Games for Children

This section of our web page is dedicated to children and parents. This page contains only Math and educational games. All the games are in swf format, so you will need an internet browser and enable Adobe Flash Player (Shockwave) to play these games. If any of the game doesn’t work you can report us sending detail via email. Email Address can be found on the bottom of the page. If you are looking for games in other categories, please visit the homepage to get the list of all free unblocked games.

Educational Games

Why Should Parents Let Their Children Play Math and Other Educational Games?

Almost all the children love playing games, but parents must take some control what their children are playing. They must put some educational and math games in the computer and allow their children to play them. Games are usually made in an entertaining way and what they do while playing games is more memorable compared to what they do in the classroom.

For example, If you let your children play a multiplication game, they will learn it quicker than they learn using pencil and paper. So this will boost their skill and make them learn in an entertaining way. So please don’t prevent your children if they are playing learning games.¬†