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Coin Grab

Use the Arrow Keys to control the pig and make him grab the coin. What’s the catch? You cannot go back to the tile that you just left.

Coin Grab is a clever and challenging puzzle game that tasks players with controlling a pig character using the Arrow Keys to navigate a grid-based environment. The primary objective is to guide the pig to grab a coin in each level. However, there’s a twist—the pig cannot backtrack to the tile it has just left.

This gameplay mechanic adds a layer of complexity, requiring players to plan their moves carefully and strategically to avoid getting stuck or making wrong turns. As players progress through Coin Grab, they encounter increasingly intricate levels with more coins to collect and obstacles to overcome. The game’s logic-based puzzles and progressively challenging design make it an excellent choice for players who enjoy brain-teasing games that require both foresight and efficient movement to successfully collect all the coins.