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How to Play Bloxorz

Bloxorz is a strategy game that requires your concentration. Please read the instruction carefully to play the game properly. In the game, you need to stop the block from falling into the square hole. There are 3 stages in this game you need to complete. Control the block with arrow keys. If you fall off the edges, the level will restart. There are switches and bridges in many levels. They get activated after the switch is pressed.

There are 3 types of switched in the game, Heavy Switches are in X-Shaped, and the Soft Switches are in round shape, we will tell later about the third switch. Soft Switch gets press when any part of the block touches it, but to press the hard switch you must be completely on the switch. Please note that switches may work differently. Some may do as well as undo the things, but some may not undo what it does. Green and Red Color Squares will flash to tell what bridges are being operated. Be careful with the orange tiles as they are more fragile compared to rest of the land. You should never stand vertically on Orange tiles, else it will give way and your block will fall.

The third switch is this shape () with open and close bracket. Pressing this switch divides the block into 2 parts and teleport them to a different location. You can make control both of them individually, and then can be combined together when you put them next to each other.

Remember the passcode for all the stages. You will find it on the top right corner. You can go to any certain stage directly choosing load stage option, and by entering the level code.

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