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About Baldis Basics

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is a free-to-play indie horror game developed and published by Micah McGonigal in 2018. The game is a parody of 90s edutainment games and features a character named Baldi, a math teacher who must collect seven notebooks scattered throughout the school while avoiding Baldi and other characters.

The gameplay is based on a simple math equation-solving mechanic where players must solve equations in order to progress through the game. The difficulty level increases as players advance through the game, making it more challenging to avoid Baldi and other obstacles.

The game has gained popularity among gamers for its unique concept, challenging gameplay, and quirky characters. The game has also inspired numerous fan-made mods and spin-offs, as well as an official sequel titled “Baldi’s Basics Plus” which was released in 2021.